Cello Lessons

Private cello lessons with our teachers are available for all ages. Each lesson is individually tailored to the music ability level of each student. 

Beginner Cello Lessons Hampstead Music School London


New cellists will be able to learn the following:

  • how to tune
  • playing first to fourth position 
  • correct posture for holding a cello 
  • how to read musical notation
  • introduction to scales
  • technical etudes
  • detache and staccato bowing
  • how to develop your musicality
  • sight-reading
  • how to play in tempo
  • rhythm exercises
  • grade 1 - 3 cello pieces
Intermediate Cello Lessons Hampstead Music School London


  • technical exercises
  • additional bowing strokes- spiccato, loure
  • arpeggios: major, minor, dominant, diminished
  • vibrato
  • left hand extensions
  • sight-reading
  • glissando and trills
  • improvisation techniques
  • even & odd time rhythms
  • grade 4 - 6 pieces
Advanced Cello Lessons Hampstead Music School London


  • advanced bowing strokes - jete, riccochet, sautille, spiccato, martele
  • grade 5 - 8 pieces and more advanced pieces
  • double stops
  • tackling stage fright and performance tips
  • developing various sound quality