Our lessons can focus towards the Associated Board of The Royal School of Music (ABRSM) and Trinity College London grade examinations grades 1 to 8.  Everything we do is to ensure that pupils succeed in performance examinations, and our 100% pass rate speaks for itself.

If you have an upcoming ABRSM or Trinity exam our (team of) experienced teachers are all familiar with the length of time it takes to prepare for each exam and the care needed to ensure that the most appropriate and appealing selection of pieces is presented. Preparing for an music grades takes careful planning and an awareness of the importance of including all aspects of the exam in the lessons on a regular basis. 

Prior to any upcoming examination we help our students choose suitable pieces for the exam and make sure they have selected the right combination from the correct syllabus. We also incorporate at least a few minutes’ aural training and sight-reading into every violin lesson as well as giving them a mock exam well before the actual event. Our students are also encouraged to perform the pieces to their family, relatives, and friends and to work through several sample papers before the exam so that they get used to the sort of questions that will be asked while staying within the time limit. Finally, we help students to develop their confidence in themselves and their abilities through practicing walking into a room and setting up to perform, as these are often the most nerve-wrecking moments before the actual exam. 


Working towards this early goal encourages the development of good technique and sound musicianship. The Prep Test is also an ideal introduction to the experience of taking an exam!

Prep Test to is taken in a relaxed and fun environment. No marks are awarded and there is no pass or fail. At the end of the assessment every candidate is rewarded with a certificate which includes positive and helpful comments from the examiner.

The Prep Test is designed both to provide a first assessment for pupils and to encourage the building of good musical and technical foundations before pupils enter for graded exams.

The Test includes all the sorts of skills beginners will be developing at this stage, such as a sense of pitch and rhythm, controlled and even playing, accuracy and quality of tone, and the basics of musical perception.

ABRSM 2018 (A) Practical Exams

Closing date for online entry: Friday 19 January

Exam dates: 26 February – 29 March


ABRSM 2018 (B) Practical Exams

Closing date for online entry: 11 May

Exam dates: 4 June – 30 June