Piano Lessons



Our beginner piano lessons are designed for students with little to no piano experience and students who wishes to learn the basics of music theory and keyboard skills.


Explore the instrument (soundboard, frame, strings, hammers, dampers, pedals, keyboard), sitting position at the keyboard, hand position (fingering, the thumb, parts of the finger), listening (aural exercise), arm weight, learn to read music (the staff, treble clef and bass clef), meter (duration of notes, rests, time signature), dynamics, playing legato & staccato, contrary and parallel motion scales, crossing thumb under, articulation & dynamic markings.

Intermediate Piano Lessons Hampstead Music School London


Intermediate piano lessons are offered to those students who have already been practicing the piano for a few years and want to improve their skills. The course will go through grades 3 to 6 level pieces and music theory.



Our advanced piano lessons are for highly skilled pianists of grades 6 to 8 level  and the diploma level wishing to refine their technique or who plan to audition for music schools and competitions.