One-to-one Lessons

Instruments: piano / keyboard / guitar / violin / viola / cello / voice / drum kit / clarinet / french horn / saxophone / recorder / music theory
Age: children / teens / adults
Level: beginner / intermediate / advanced

Lessons are tailored individually to suit the needs of each student's level, age and their goal. Our teachers focus on developing music fundamentals- technique, tone, rhythm and melody.

During the lesson we also cover: scales + arpeggios / harmonic analysis / sight-reading + sight-singing / musical forms + styles / aural training / music history

Our teachers make visitation lessons to students living in many London areas. Please see the full list here.

Lessons for Young Children
(3 - 5 years old)

At Hampstead Music School, we believe that engaging musicians at a young age will benefit children in the long-run. Early childhood is a critical period for cognitive, social, emotional and physical development. At this stage, children are able to easily absorb new information and skills.

Music provides a very fun way for children to engage all areas of development and skills for school readiness including intellectual, social and emotional, motor, language, and overall literacy. Our teachers engage young children in a way that captures their full attention and imagination. We use fun games to incorporate our lesson objectives. We believe it is important to assess each child’s strength and needs allowing us to adapt lessons and ensure effective learning for all. 

Lessons for Children
(5 - 10 years old)

For children in this age group, we build upon the foundational knowledge and skills in preparation for taking the ABRSM Prep Test and thereafter Grades, supporting their school music curriculum and 11+ auditions when required.

By honing and developing the children’s musical education, they will have greater opportunities in participating in school concerts and plays. Children are also introduced to music at schools as part of the curriculum and we make sure that our instrumental lessons cover the Key Stages 1 (ages 5 to 6) and 2 (ages 6 to 11).

Teachers also give extensive support for students taking music scholarships auditions as part of their 11+ entrance exams.

Lessons for Teens

Whether continuing lessons from childhood or just beginning to learn music, the teen years are an important time in musical education. For students who are continuing/restarting classes, this is a time to develop a deeper emotional understanding of the music, as well as hone their performance skills.

New students will develop skills and come to enjoy music on a new level. Music lessons for teenagers help improve test scores and confidence, as well as provide a sense of social belonging.

As a result of these lessons, students will have a level of confidence to successfully perform whether it is in school or external projects.

For those students seeking a more intensive musical experience, higher music grades, or considering a career path in music, we offer a lesson plan that is focussed towards achieving high grades and build confidence.

For those students who already take peripatetic instrumental lessons in schools, we are able to support and supplement their learnings and promote progress.

We also support students studying Key Stage 3, GCSE, A-Level Music at their schools. Some students may be thinking about auditioning for music conservatoires for a career in music industry as a teacher or performer. We support student auditioning for music conservatoires.

As of 2018, the UCAS points awarded for following grades are:

UCAS Music Points

Lessons for Adults

Adult music lessons are offered to anyone taking it up again after a long break or starting as a complete beginner.

Playing can be a fulfilling hobby that relieves stress and stimulate parts of brain which can enhance the memory. We are here to help you learn quickly and to encourage you to play your favourite songs whether it be pop, blues, jazz or classical.

Our teachers also offer music lessons at offices around London for the busiest of people. Please refer to our Hampstead Music Service for more info.

Feel free to Contact us with any questions.