At Hampstead Music School, we cater to even the busiest of people. With our Music & Business Programme, you can enjoy a balanced lifestyle at your workplace. One-to-one lessons are brought conveniently to your offices in London by our team of professional teachers.


We believe taking a short time out of your work day to have a music lesson is a great stress-reliever and can have a positive impact on your work and life. Playing an instrument can reduce stress more than many other traditionally relaxing activities and also alleviates tensions in your body thus making your day more productive.  

Sessions run normally for 30-minutes every week and are booked advance in blocks. Our professional teachers cover a broad range of styles including classical, pop, rock, jazz and latin. Lessons are offered for instruments including the guitar, keyboard and violin. Our tutors provide instruments and sheet music required for lessons so it’s hassle free for you to just turn up. All you need is 30 minutes and a room big enough to accommodate two people. 


Our music teachers also give informal mini concerts at offices and businesses around London. We prepare calm and relaxing music for you to enjoy and to help you relax and focus.

To find out more about our services, please contact us