At Hampstead Music School, we believe it is important to give pupils and teachers a specific goal to work towards at every stage of learning, and a sense of accomplishment in achieving that goal. We support students to develop good solid abilities whilst enjoying themselves to what we hope will be a life long passion for music. All our teachers regularly enters their students to music exams and have 100% success rate.


Prep Test

ABRSM Prep Test is designed to provide a first assessment for beginners and to encourage the building of good musical and technical foundations before the musicians enter for grade exams. Prep Test includes all the necessary skills beginners will need at this stage, such as a sense of pitch and rhythm, controlled and even playing, accuracy and quality of tone, and the basics of musical perception.


Grade Exams

Grade Levels 1-8 are offered for those musicians who wish to study music in a systematic and balanced way. We facilitate students with firm technical foundation through scales and arpeggios, notation skills through sight-reading, listening skills and musical perception through aural training. As students progress further with grades, it is vital that more dedication and time is given for practising and learning.

UCAS Points
The United Kingdom Universities’ and Colleges’ Admissions Service (UCAS) includes grade music exams (Grades 6-8) within the UCAS tariff system, which is open to any student applying for a course of study at a UK university or other higher education institution.

UCAS Music Points


Diplomas are ideal for students who wish to study in greater depth after grade 8. It’s also ideal for those who are considering a conservatoire level studies and thinking about a career in music as a performer or teacher.


Music Scholarships

Most independent schools in London offer music scholarships to those students successfully admitted. Schools expect students to have achieved higher music grades and also require students to demonstrate high ability and enthusiasm. Our teachers guide talented students to successfully audition for these scholarships and bursaries.


Piano Accompanists

We provide professional piano accompanists for students wishing to take grade exams. For those only seeking exam piano accompaniments, we offer rehearsals and accompaniment packages. Please refer to our Pricing page for more details.