Lily | Jul, 2019 ★★★★★ (Yell review)
“My kids take violin lessons with Galina to supplement their short violin lessons at their school. She quickly identified their strengths and the areas that they need to work on, and have been helping them get better. Their orchestra teacher said that the private lessons with Galina helped my kids tremendously.”

Ezra | Jun, 2019 ★★★★★ (Google review)
“My children have been learning guitar and violin with teachers from Hampstead Music School for over a year now. I'm absolutely thrilled to see such big improvements with both of them.”

Jane | Dec, 2018 (Facebook recommendation)
“My daughter has really been enjoying her violin lessons with Galina. She's gained lot of confidence and Galina's detailed instructions on how to practise has been very helpful.”

Belinda | ★★★★★ Nov, 2018 (Google review)
“My son is a complete beginner on guitar but has learnt to read tab, pick and strum in a very short period of time. Really luck to have Jo as his teacher.”

Tony | ★★★★★ Sep, 2018 (Google review)
“Very professional and very good. As a working finance professional looking to learn the piano, they are able to teach old dogs new tricks in a matter of months. Highly recommended and appreciate their flexibility.”

Cecilia | ★★★★★ Sep, 2018 (Tutor Hunt review)
“Catherine is a lovely and professional tutor. Both of my daughters love her lessons a lot!”

Mark | ★★★★★ Aug, 2018
“I have a really long working life and having a music lesson after work is unthinkable. My week has become more enjoyable since taking up guitar lessons during the office lunch hour."

Tom | ★★★★★ Jul, 2018 (Google review) 
“I decided to pick up piano again after 20 years. I was surprised to be back on track so quickly with the help of Catherine who is extremely patient and knowledgeable. It has been particularly enjoyable to finally learn to play the pop & rock tunes I always wanted."

Angie | ★★★★★ Jul, 2018 (Google review) 
“I had lessons in preparation for my grade 8 violin exam. I successfully passed my exam and have really improved my playing over the last year."

Francesco | ★★★★★ May, 2018 (Tutor Hunt review)
“Catherine is a prepared and effective teacher. Highly recommended."